Harlow Hills Farm

Our Toggenburg Dairy Goat Herd

A Toggenburg doe, GCH Western-Acres Zephyr Rosemary, currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for giving 9,110 pounds of milk amounting to nearly 1,140 gallons in 365 days.

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The Toggenburg is a Swiss dairy goat from Toggenburg Valley of Switzerland at Obertoggenburg. They are credited as being the oldest breed of dairy goat in the United States and has proved to be widely adaptable.

They are characterized by a comparatively small, solid-coloured body varying from light fawn to dark chocolate with no preference for any shade. Distinct white markings are as follows: white ears with dark spot in middle; two white stripes down the face from above each eye to the muzzle; hind legs white from hocks to hooves; forelegs white from knees downward with a dark line (band) below knee acceptable; a white triangle on either side of the tail. Wattles, small rudimentary nubs of skin located on each side of the neck, are often present in this breed.

This breed is medium size, sturdy, vigorous, and alert in appearance. Slightly smaller than the other Alpine breeds, the does weight at least 120lbs.

Toggenburgs perform best in cooler conditions. They are noted for their excellent udder development and high milk production, and have an average fat test of 3.7 percent. As is that of other goats, milk of the Toggenburg is whiter and more easily digestible than cow’s milk.
American Dairy Goat Association, PO Box 865, Spindale, NC 28160.



*B Harlow Hills JJ Bingo – AT1681971

    • S: *B CH Fir Meadow Rasc Zabulon- T1474702
            SS: *B White-Hawk Ranger’s Rascal- T1440632
            SD: SGCH Fir Meadow Peg Virtue 2*M- T1335576
    • D: Harlow Hills Shadowfax- T1499830
            DS: *B White-Hawk Fabio’s Pegasus- T1335576
            DD: Harlow Hills Master Sienna 1*M- T1401189
    • ADGA Pedigree


Robla’s HH Master Carissa 10*M- T1402505

  • S: +*B Robla’s Maestro Band Master- T1374354
          SS: ++*B GCH Canyon-View Mary’s Maestro- T0937315
          SD: SGCH Whispering*Hope A Lauren 9*M- T1200679
  • D: Whispering*Hope L Castanea 9*M- T1200685
          DS: +*B Whispering*Hope KK Lawrence- T1189229
          DD: Whispering*Hope N Chinquapin 8*M- T1050469P
  • ADGA Pedigree

Harlow Hills Sam’s Bonnie- AT1497157

  • S: Waiilatpu CCF Samuel- T1448293
          SS: Cottage Creek Whintin Forbes- T1280510
          SD: Waiilatpu WJ Serenity- T1398521
  • D: Dubl-Squeez Brown Betty 4*M- AT1292279
          DS: *B Whisper’N’Pines JP Machiavelli- T1232187
          DD: SG Dubl-Squeez Gael 3*M- AT1224412
  • ADGA Pedigree

Harlow Hills JJ Ivory- T1517137

  • S: +*B Sunshine Judyl Justice- T1085276
          SS: ++*B Sunshine Shasson Surly- T0900568
          SD: SGCH Sunshine Patron Judyl 5*M- T0836770
  • D: Harlow Hills Pegasus Italy- T1436849
          DS: *B White-Hawk Fabio’s Pegasus- T1313915
          DD: Harlow Hills J&L’s Indiana 1*M- T1342002
  • ADGA Pedigree

Harlow Hills DSR Elizabeth- AT1590869

  • S: ++*B Diamond Sunshine Reformation- T0144186
          SS: ++*B Chikaming Jennifers Challenger- T0130849
          SD: GCH Diamond Sunshine Rosebud 1*M- T0122163
  • D: Harlow Hills Talker’s Estella 1*M- AT1401187
          DS: +*B SGCH Dubl-Squeez Glib Talker- AT1292270
          DD: Harlow Hills Lewis’s Ester- T1371055
  • ADGA Pedigree

Harlow Hills Talker’s Brittany- AT1599394

  • S: +*B SGCH Dubl-Squeez Glib Talker- AT1292270 SS: *B Whisper’N’Pines JP Machiavelli- T1232187 SD: SGCH Duble-Squeez Gilda 2*M- AT1038217 D: Harlow Hills Betty’s Bridget 5*M- AT1436844
  • DS: *B Ober-D’Rainbow Wonqua’s Willy- AT1406149P DD: Dubl-Squeez Brown Betty 4*M- AT1292279
  • ADGA Pedigree

Harlow Hills Bingo’s Catrina AT1715013

  • S: *B Harlow Hills JJ Bingo AT1681971
          SS: +*B Sunshine Judyl Justice T1085276
          SD: Harlow Hills Sam’s Bonnie 5*M AT1497157
  • D: Robla’s HH Master Carissa 10*M T1402505
          DS: +*B Robla’s Maestro Band Master T1374354
          DD: Whispering*Hope L Castanea 9*M- T1200685
  • ADGA Pedigree